Introduction | Little about us
Turn data into actionable insights. Context BI offers a comprehensive set of business intelligence services to help clients harness structured and unstructired data to improve decision making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service. In an increasingly competitive world, only the fittest...


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Why Us | What make us different
Get the RIGHT actionable insight at the Right     time
Delivering solutions that match the pace of your     business
Leverage structured and unstructured information     together
Cost effective, agile solutions


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Our Services | Know more
We as Context BI are founded to serve clients and partners with highly tailored BI solutions underpinned by best of breed technologies for data processing, analysis and visualisation. Our strategy for Context BI is to stay lean, bringing on board experts and project resources of a high calibre and potential. We rely upon our strong vendor, partner and customer relationships.

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We incorporate leading agile technologies that help client organizations achieve their data analytics goals faster, and get new solutions delivered in a much shorter time. We currently have strong alliance relationship with technology industry leaders including…..

Our team is capable of bringing together your structured and unstructured data together, extract the interesting facts and metadata off the unstructured content, and provide you with solutions that amaze you. In this fast, volatile, agility and right decisions are key to survival, and there if you have access of your data, both structured and unstructured, it gives you the power to capitalize on the opportunities.

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