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The QlikView Business Discovery platform enables organisations to present KPIs and deliver insightful analytics to users in an easy to digest and meaningful way. By hosting data relevant for user consumption in QlikView's proprietary in-memory engine, QlikView enables speed of thought analysis and delivers unrestrained, deep insight empowering users to take well informed decisions.

Benefits of QlikView for business

Unlocking the intelligence in your business data.

Intelligent dashboards. With QlikView you can provide a holistic overview of your business whilst having the freedom to interactively dive into the underlying detail
Rich departmental solutions. From financial analysis of your balance sheet and PnL to enabling sales teams to manage clients better by holistic analysis of for example CRM registered client interactions, client revenue and client survey results.

Discovering what you did not know.

Searching related for results. QlikView incorporates a number of easy mechanisms for finding your data. Point and click filtering and text searches
Visualising and exploring what data is connected. With QlikView's intuitive colour coding of filtered data, it is easy to identify both what data is connected as well as what data is missing.
Joint up interface experience; all visuals update together to reflect filter selections. This gives the user the ability to follow their trail of thought as they navigate through the associated search results.

Benefits of QlikView for IT

Rapid prototyping. QlikView's unique blend of data processing and modelling capabilities makes it possible to source structured data from any number of sources and swiftly consolidate the output in a QlikView application. As soon as the data has been sourced, it can be visualised to verify consistency and accuracy. The process from sourcing and consolidating data to visualising the first set of interactive reports is very fast.
Data Quality analysis. Visualising and quantifying inconsistent results in QlikView is easy. With QlikView's associative data model allows for rapid reports to be built identifying what transactions do not have critical reference data or vice versa. For identifying errors and inconsistencies, light-weight business logic can be described in the QlikView data load script and subsequently applied as data is being loaded into QlikView.

Supported Technologies

>> Attivio

>> Vectorwise


Tableau is based on breakthrough technology from Stanford University that lets you drag & drop to analyze data. You can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more.

The future of business intelligence

Tableau Server is a business intelligence application that provides browser-based analytics anyone can use. It's a rapid-fire alternative to the slow pace of traditional business intelligence software.
What makes Tableau different? It's designed for everyone. There's no scripting required, so anyone can become an analytics expert. You can grow your deployment as you need it. Train online for free. Find answers in minutes, not months.


LogiAnalytics puts sophisticated business intelligence tools within the reach of any organization - even those with limited technical resources. Our technology provides a simple, fast, and cost-effective way for small IT departments to deliver relevant and compelling dashboards, reports, and analytics to their business users. Unlike expensive, traditional BI platforms or tool kits, that require time consuming development, Logianalytics offer a solution that allows business users to easily create and share their own dashboards and reports while giving developers a platform to rapidly deliver specialized solutions.

Fast and Easy to Use, yet No Per-User Fees

When the need calls for delivering reports and dashboards to large audiences inside or outside the organization, we provide a complete range of business intelligence tools and functionality without any per-user fees. LogiAnaltics licensing is based on core or CPU, giving you the freedom to grow your deployment without growing your costs.
Our solution includes all the business intelligence tools you need to create almost any kind of dashboard, report, or other BI application - all for a single price. Hundreds of advanced functions are pre-built, speeding deployment and reducing overhead. These Element and SuperElement libraries offer an extremely wide array of fully interactive data visualization and reporting functions, so you can meet any current and future user requirements, from the sophisticated to the simple, with one technology.


Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is your one-stop source for all enterprise information, trusted by our customers and partners around the world to power multiple customer-facing and internal solutions to achieve strategic initiatives and operational excellence.

Never get locked into proprietary, complex development technologies

Attivio AIE enables rapidly developed and deployed custom applications - unlike other solutions that stick developers and administrators with proprietary technologies and complex programming languages such as xQuery. Attivio AIE offers flexible SDK components based on de facto industry standards: Java APIs, web service APIs, an HTTP/REST Query API, wide SQL support and ODBC/JDBC drivers that enable the use of leading BI/data visualization tools.